Marine Surveys

Cargo Damage Survey

Cargo movements are predominantly by Sea , Air and Road . Whenever cargo gets damaged during transit, concern parties required to have an inspection report by a third party inspector an it is at this juncture our services are being sought. We act as interface between all concerned parties and our report incorporates all relevant information required by the instructing principal. The salient features of the cargo damage survey are estimation of the actual loss and throw maximum light on the cause of damage.

Discharge Survey

This inspection generally includes inspection of cargo on board vessel prior to discharge, report on the stowage condition , supervision of discharge and verify whether the discharge operation is carried out in accordance with the manifest and / or client's instructions, report on the damages, if any , upon discharge.

Pre - Shipment / Loading Survey

The scope of work under this category comprised of the following

  • General inspection of the cargo prior to loading
  • Advising the Master on loading, stowage and securing.
  • Monitoring the loading , stowage and securing
  • Advising on the tally and measurements.

Measurement Survey

This survey is carried out prior to loading and / or after discharge especially when there is a dispute between the shipper and the carriers on measurements of the cargo

Lashing Survey

In the case of flat racks and open top containers, Lashing Survey certification has become a prerequisite. The scope of work includes inspection of lashing materials used and certify the adequacy of lashing of the cargo loaded on the container. And also to certify that the lashing provided is adequate for the intended sea transportation. We also undertake Lashing Survey of cargo transported on trailer trucks by road .

Container Survey

  • Inspection of various types of containers and certify its sea worthiness.
  • Inspect and confirm the validity of CSC plates and report on the general condition of the containers.
  • Inspection of all types of perishable cargo shipped in Reefer Containers

On Hire / Off Hire Survey

This survey is carried out on the start or completion of a charter of a ship. The scope of work consists of inspection of the holds, areas of decks and the ship in general including ship side plating with fair wear and tear consistent with the age of the ship is accepted. In addition to the conditions survey, a bunker survey is usually carried out to determine the quantity of various fuels in ships tanks. The calculations of bunkers on board the vessel are then adjusted to a time determined between the owner and charter party. Usually we represent either the owner or charter party in carrying out the survey.

Draft Survey

This survey is carried out to quantify the cargo after loading on the vessel or discharged from the vessel by obtaining draft measurements.